About Us

MAJIYAHAN is an IT & Business Solutions provider established 1993 in Canada.

We specialize in Information Technology (IT) and Innovative Solutions including Software as a Service (SaaS), IT Networks, Systems Development, Design & Support, Management Consulting, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions. We provide a comprehensive services aimed at both small and medium size businesses as well as large organizations.

Our primary goal is the development of a rewarding, long-term relationship with our clients – we aim to provide the necessary support to ensure your business succeeds and grows. As you grow we grow. The result is that we provide highly tailored services that are designed, implemented and managed according to industry standard practices.
We strive to deliver the highest levels of service every time.

As an IT & Business Solutions provider, we provide consultancy and support, including the implementation and commissioning of solutions as well as specific end user training for today’s multi-vendor environments.

MAJIYAHAN consultants and engineers undergo continual training to keep them in sync with the latest technologies.

Our goal is to grow our business through developing long-standing relationships with satisfied clients and by building a brand based on trust. We strive to simplify IT for our clients while ensuring reliability and stability on the back end.

MAJIYAHAN is a privately held Corporation, which practices a high code of ethics, with client-oriented goals.

We understand that in order to further our reputation of excellence we must provide the best solutions possible for our clients, our clients always come first.

“We are committed to providing you with a fast, efficient and professional service of the highest level”